Manisha Koraila - 'Nothing wrong as Nayanthara's mother role'

Manisha Koraila

Manisha Koraila donned the role of Nayanthara's mother in the Malayalam film Electra. Many had commented on her acting as elderly mother.

Manisha Koraila while speaking about this said,” I was very reluctant initially to do Nayanthara's mother role when I was approached. The age differences me and Nayanthara was very less. But I agreed to do the role because my role was very important and the story was centered on me. At my age of 20, I had donned the mother role of two children in Mumbai. Nayanthara is a sweet person to move with. There is nothing wrong in doing mother role. I have donned the role of Dhanush's mother-in-law in the film Mappillai.

I can never forget this experience. There is various news about my marriage life. As far as I am concerned, my marriage is my personal life. My family life is good.”


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