Poongodi marries a cinematographer Vinodh worked in the film Milaga

Poongodi had been acting in the small screen Malayalam TV serials. She made her debut as heroine in Tamil through the film Veeramum Eeramum. After this she paired with Tarun Gopi in the film Maayandi Kudumbhathar directed by Rasu Madhuravan.

She also did the female lead role in the films Milaga and Gorippalayam. Romance blossomed between Poongodi and assistant cinematographer Vinodh. Vinodh had worked in the film Milaga.
They became very intimate when they were shooting near Tiruparangundram. But there were protests from both their families. They were against this love matter. But Poongodi was firm in her love. She was stubborn that she will marry only Vinodh.
They were searching alliance for her. Because of this she ran away from her house. Vinodh and Poongodi got married clandestinely in Karamanai near Trivandrum. Poongodi had decided to quit acting since she is married.


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