Simran denied to act with Mansoor Ali Khan

Simran has refused to pair with Mansoor Ali Khan. When director Balu Anand approached Simran to do the female lead role in his film Kadan Vaangi Kalyanam, she refused even before listening to the story. When asked him what was the reason for her denial, he said," I have directed films like Anna Nagar Mudhal Theru, Naane Raja Naane Mandhiri and Rajathi Raja Raja Marthanda. After a long gap I directing a film titled Kadan Vaangi Kalyanam. This film is a comedy one which speaks about the people who cheat and who are cheated. Mansoor Ali Khan is donning the role called Dumil Thirudan.
When asked Simran for her call sheet to do the role called Dumil Thirudi, she declined the role by saying that she is busy in film producing. If at all she had listened to the story, she would not have refused this role. I am disappointed because she didn’t even bother to listen to the story. Since I am not getting a suitable heroine, I am not able to commence the shooting. We are in search of a heroine. Lots of comedy actors will be acting in this film. This film will be a wholesome comedy film."


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