STR/Simbu to Watch Kaavalan and Aadukalam on First day, Full conversation with Premgi

Even though im a thala fan … im really looking forward for KAAVALAN … since its really bin long for vijay anna who has given has gud masala entertainer … hope kaavalan does tht … all the best anna :) “. This is what our Thalaivan STR Silambarasan posted on his Facebook Fan Page which consists of more than a Lakh of his Followers.

We can indeed give you a celebrity follow of what happened in the status.
It was like 19 hour ago when he posted this status in his Personal account as well as in his Fans Page. And we were able to see comments flowing in. And then it started with Premgi Amaren Coming in and questioning on whom he likes.
The Convo went as this :
Premgi : So is that suppose to mean you are not Thalapathy Fan ???
STR        : Enakku Thalapathy romba pudikkum and Thala na Uyiru podhuma..
Premgi : I love Thala too;-)))
STR         : Jus because we love Thala it doesn’t mean we should hate Thalapathy.. thats wrong !!!
Premgi  : No no no not at all chellam, I love Thala and I like Thalapathy, but I love and Like you ;-) )))
STR         : Lol Thanks mate :)
STR         : Ok Kaavalan 1st day 1st Show pogalaamaaaa?
Premgi   : Ok Done I am also coming.
STR          : Appadhaan Mangaatha varumbodhu Gettthaa Irukkum :)
STR          : Lets all go !!! I want to watch Aadukalam also..
Premgi    : We eat Pongal in morning and we watch films in evening ;-)
STR           : Night show Aadukalam.
Premgi    :  Chellam, you decide and count me in, I am coming where ever and when ever you want to go…
STR            : Ok  Machi done .. Pongal Plan is awesome :)
Most Importantly we indeed need to clarify this. We as a team running this E-Fans Association are well aware of people who post rude comments on Thalaivan STR Silambarasan. He has made it very clear that he his of no way struck to the chords of FEW adamant Fans who always mock a particular hero in support of an other Star.
Please avoid such conversations, there is a team which is growing up silently watching the Fans of the two main stars mocking each other. We should watch all movies no matter of the Fans Feud. Rather we should work on to get a better movie than the counter part.
And get to read it fully, understand what our STR has written there and then let your comment. People do not get to understand what is written and shout nonsense.
As Thala Ajith Says ” For the fans of Thala ” Vaazhu vaazha vidu. And persons following this alone can claim to be a TRUE Thala Fan.
The True Fans and Loyalist of STR Silambarasan praise this open gesture of STR over the Actor. Which is also a good sign for the Tamil cinema Industry.


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