Vijay says Kaavalan is not only a hit film but also his prestige

The film Kaavalan was supposed to be released for Pongal. But there are so many problems and hurdles in releasing in this film. Because of this Vijay himself is now involving himself in releasing the film.

Kaavalan is a film which has Vijay in the lead role and is directed by Siddique. Shakthi Chidambaram has acquired the rights of this film. But there are lots of problems from every side to stall the release of this film. This film was supposed to be released in the month of December. Then the release of the film was postponed for Pongal. But now Pongal has also come and there are no signs of the release of this film. There is problem between theatre owners, distributors and Vijay. But Vijay was infuriated because of this said that he is going to release the film himself. He openly said that this is not a mere film but also it his prestige.

The result, he is releasing the film. He has once again acquired the rights after settling his amount and will be releasing the film on 15th of this month (Pongal day). Another popular financier is also jointly releasing this film.


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