Yamuna arrested in prostitution racket case, dates her client only once

The arrest of South Indian actress Yamuna, has helped the Bangalore police unearth a flesh trade racket that has hit India.
Involved in this 'prostitution' business are some high profile South Indian actresses and models, and some Bollywood celebs as well. Though Yamuna, pimp Surakshit and CEO Nandkumar are out on bail, it has been learnt that Yamuna met a 'client' only once, just so that if she was caught, she would easily say that she indulged in consensual sex.

Surakshit had girls from all metros involved in this sex scandal. He was smart enough to not provide service on weekends. He booked a few rooms in 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels on a rotational basis, and that too never for an entire day. The police learnt that he always booked the room just for a few hours. That way people wouldn't become too suspicious of him.

Actress Yamuna was caught in the act red-handed. She was in the business knowingly, and an amount of approximately 2,46,000 was recovered from those arrested on Thursday at the ITC Royal Gardenia Hotel in Bangalore. A detailed client list has been submitted to the court, and there are going to be some more surprises. 

By Agencies
South Indian actress Yamuna, who was recently caught on prostitution charges in a hotel in Bangalore, always dates her client just once.
A police source stated “Yamuna would ‘date’ her client only once so that if she was ever caught, she could claim consensual sex.”
Along with Yamuna, her client Surakshit too never allows his other girls to date their client for a second time.
He constantly updates his client list and even has contacts with call girls from Delhi and Mumbai.
Lakshman, ACP, CCB stated, “At the time of raid, Yamuna said ’sorry’, indicating that she was in this business knowingly.”
He said further, “We caught her red-handed.”


  1. I dont know whats wrong with prostitutionism... call girls.
    Its been there for ages. india should stop acting stupid and legalize this business.

  2. Yes so that you white collar people who are involved in kidnapping of small girl earn a lot of money ...haa Haa ..the mardani movie gang ...having protection from some corrupt politicians.. Ashok taneja bjp leader from ajnala who is accused in raping his daughter for 8 year ..probably he is protecting you


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