Amala Paul offended the sentiments of Indian Culture - Hindu People Party
Amala Paul became popular by acting in a controversial role in the film Sindhu Samaveli. She donned the role of a daughter-in-law who seduces her father-in-law. There was lots of protest against her for donning that controversial role. The house of the director Swami who directed the film was also attacked.

Now Amala Paul's film Myna is running in the theatres. She was appreciated for her acting and this film was a great hit. Currently she is acting in the film Deivamagan which has Vikram in the lead role. The shooting of the film is going on top gear. Amala Paul recently in an interview has mentioned that she loves partying. She mentioned that she never waits for weekends for partying and whenever she finds time she parties with her friends.

This statement had offended the sentiments of the Hindu People Party. The Party's State Organizing Secretary Kannan in a statement has mentioned,” Actress Amala Paul has the habit of going against Indian culture. She had acted in a role that no other co- actresses would have dared to do. At that time itself we reprimanded her. But she slipped away saying that the director was responsible for this. Now she is speaking in favour of partying which is Western culture. Her interview in this regard will have impact on the young girls. Let her go to party and revolutionize. But let her not destroy the culture by speaking about it openly. If she continues to give such interviews, she will be taught a suitable lesson.”


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