Bala's Avan Ivan a full fun film with 'Walter Vanangamudi' & 'Kumbudren Sami'
Not just their looks, but the names of the characters Vishal and Arya playing in Bala's 'Avan Ivan' too are bizarre. While the former's name in the film is Walter Vanangamudi, the latter is called as Kumbudren Sami.
"Though Sethu, Nanda, Pithamagan and Nan Kadavul are serious films, Bala's penchant for humour was visibile in all the four films. And it has come out in open in full swing in Avan Ivan," sources say.
"Arya and Vishal would ensure that the audience had a hearty laugh while watching the movie. Such was the characterisation and narration by Bala. It is going to be a laugh riot," they add.
Shot in and around Theni and Periyakulam, 'Avan Ivan' is the first full-lenth comedy caper from Bala. "But there are typical Bala touches too," sources add, on the film produced by AGS Entertainment.

Source: Indiaglitz


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