Bhumika - Bharath Thakur heading for divorce

Bhumika-Bharat: Heading for a split?
Is Bhumika’s three year old marriage with her yoga expert husband Bharath Thakur heading for divorce? According to a top socialite and close friend of Bhumika from Mumbai, the actress decided to part ways from her hubby after she came to know about his ‘extramarital relationship’ with one of his high profile clients in Mumbai. Meanwhile, Bharath Thakur’s explanation is that he did not involve himself in any physical relationship with the client and it was purely a professional touch. But Bhumika is not convinced with his explanation as she herself was Bharath’s client before marriage and surely knows the difference between personal touch and professional touch.
Adding fuel to the divorce rumours, the actress is seen attending social events and parties by herself, which has never happened before! The couple got married in 2007 after dating for four years.


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