Friday Specials Movie Release

Do you get all heated up wondering what to do for the approaching weekend? Feeling down that you still don't have anything cut out for the weekend? Rest assured as we bring you a list of flicks that are to hit the big screens in your town this coming weekend.
Get set to laugh out loud as this John Whitesell-directed flick comes out to humor you. Yes this Friday sees the 'Big Momma: Like Father Like Son', the sequel of 'Big Momma' gracing theatres. She is naughty, full of fun and mischievous too. We will get to see Martin Lawrence as the FBI agent and Big Momma – his other personality trying to unravel a murder mystery. Along with Martin is Trent, his stepson, and the duo seem sure ingredients to tickle your funny bone!
This film that runs for more than an hour and a half is packed with humor, some of which is only for the adult ears as well as a dash of violence.
If you are looking for some humor and light laughs with your girl friend or your best pals this film sure gets a thumbs up!
If you are the adventurous type there is 'I Am Number Four' that will release this Friday. The film zooms into the story of John Smith, a 15 year old alien from the planet Lorien, and his guardian, Henri. The story describes their escape from the Mogadorians, another race of aliens that are hunting down John and the other 8 teenage Loriens who have been sent to Earth to escape their destroyers. The teenagers are protected by a charm, which only allows them to be killed in a set order. John is Number Four.
You don't get to see the huge-headed, out-of-shape, alien-looking aliens in this flick because all the aliens take human forms. Adopted from the novel that bears the same name the film is directed by D.J. Caruso. The flick runs for 1 hour and 45 minutes and is sure to glue you to your seats.
So is comedy not your cup of tea; sci-fi films don't excite you? Then may be you should book yourself a ticket to see this drama – 'Unknown'. How would you feel if you wake up post an accident in an unknown country amidst unknown people. To top it you are being chased by strange killers. Worst of all back home your wife doesn't recognize you, and another man has taken your role.
Well this is more or less the same situation that the protagonist of this film, Dr. Martin Harris faces. Wanting to know more on what will happen next? Well grab yourself a quick ticket and be the first to watch the 'Unknown.'
These are some flicks listed out to be released this weekend. Will bring you more of this come next weekend.

Source: Indiaglitz


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