'I am not acting in Kannada films' -Rajnikanth

Super is the title of a Kannada film which has Upendra in the lead role. The film which has been produced by Rock Line Venkatesh is directed by Upendra who is also doing the lead role. The film is a great success. Recently this film was exclusively screened for Rajnikanth and his friends in Bangalore. After seeing the film, Rajni hugged Upendra and appreciated him.
Later on while speaking to the media he said,” I like all the films which have Upendra in the lead role. This film is also excellent like his earlier films. He is not only a good actor but also one of the best directors in India. The stories he select are so superb. These kinds of films should come out in large quantities. Many are asking me whether I will act in Kannada films. If I get the right story and opportunity I will definitely act in future. Now I am not acting in any Kannada films.”


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