KO not postponded because of Cricket

There was news recently that the films which were ready for release were postponed due to World Cricket Match. But there is news that Ko's release is not postponed because of cricket.
Then what is the reason for delay. Though the shooting of the film is over, music composer Harris Jayaraj has not completed his work. There is delay in the re-recording work. That is the reason for the delay of Ko. After spending Crores of rupees, the unit is not in a position to put the blame on the music composer.
So the crew is making lame excuses and is telling that the film release is postponed because of the World Cup cricket match.
Ko is a film which has Jeeva, Radha's daughter Karthika, Ajmal and Pia. This film is about the media. This film which is directed by K V Anand was supposed to be released on Valentine's Day.


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