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Yes. The film fraternity seems really scared of the on going cricket world cup. The number of films getting postponed is increasing by the week. Shocking news coming from the theatre circuit is that there was a 10 – 20 percent drop in audience since the world cup began last week.

'Singam Puli' that was announced for this weekend has been postponed to March 4. 'Margazhi 16' that should have released last week is finally seeing the light on this Friday. Others testing their waters today are 'Seedan', 'Aaranin Kaaval' and a Drive Angry 3D.
'Seedan' is the remake of the 2002 Malayalam hit 'Nandanam' in which Dhanush plays an extended cameo. Debutant Krishna and 'Naadodigal' Ananya play the main leads. Vivek, Suhasini, Meera Krishnan, Chemeen Sheela, Ponvannan and Ilavarasu play other major actors.

'Seedan' is targeting the family audience with a clean story and narration. The story of 'Seedan' is about how two young lovers get united with the help of God who descends in human form to help them. Subramania Siva who made Dhanush a mass hero with 'Thiruda Thirudi' is the director of this film. Though some have few apprehensions saying a story of this kind time is dated, the director and the team are quiet confident to hit the bulls eye.
'Aaranin Kaaval' is an action cum love story featuring new faces Ajay and Sonia Bhat in lead roles. This film was initially titled Aaran and later changed to 'Aaranin Kaaval'. Aaaran means destroyer and the hero in this film destroys evil elements in the society. Vasu Vikram and Meera Krishnan are other two known faces in the film.

‘Aaranin Kaaval' is directed by a Film Institute student K. Dharmaraj for the banner Rogan Films. Music is by Sanjeev Kumar Yet another new film for the numbers.
'Margazhi 16' is a love story which will introduces Jaiyanth, the son of veteran actor Bhanuchandar, as the hero. The story of the film is about an easy-go-lucky-guy who believes in helping people, but he lands in troubles when people misunderstand him alays. Srinidhi from Kerala is the heroine being introduced in the film. 'Margazhi 16' is directed by debutant K Stephen, who has worked as an associate with director A Venkatesh.
The Hollywood dubbed film of this Friday is the Nicolas Cage starrer Drive Angry 3D. This is a forceful supernatural action film about a revengeful father (Nicolas Cage) who escapes from Hell to stop the cult of fanatics who killed his daughter. He has three days to prevent the cult from sacrificing his infant granddaughter. The father is followed by an operative sent by Satan to bring him back to Hell.
On the face of it not much for this Friday except that Dhanush is having a second release with in as many months. But the next weekend has a few interesting films like Singam Puli and Bhavani IPS lined up. But the line may change last minute depending upon the prevailing situation next week.


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