Rajinikanth received NDTV’s ‘Entertainer of the Decade’

Superstar Rajnikanth: Entertainer of the decade
India’s biggest on screen idol Superstar Rajinikanth received NDTV’s ‘Entertainer of the Decade’ award from Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram at a function held in Delhi on Tuesday. Apart from Rajni, South Indian beauty Trisha received the ‘Indian of the year – South’ award from Dr. Farooq Abdullah. Bollywood stars Ajay Devgn, Katrina Kaif and Vidya Balan also received various NDTV Indian of the year awards. ‘Enthiran is my best film till date. Honestly I didn’t expect the film to be such a big hit,’ Rajni said after receiving the award. Asked about his humbleness, he said, ‘I am not doing anything; it’s because of my directors, producers and above all it is God’s grace.’ About his political ambitions, Rajni said ‘No comments.’

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Superstar Rajinikanth was awarded the NDTV `Entertainer of the Decade` award at a function held  in New Delhi yesterday on February 15. The Super Star accepted the award from the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram.

The award function was a memorable life time moment for all the people who were on the stage with the super star and they just could not hide their feelings.

Ajay Devgan said Rajini is not an Indian star but a truly global star for the phenomenal admiration he receives. Vidya Balan touched the feet of Rajini and said her mom sitting there could not believe she is on stage with Rajini Sir.
Trisha wanted to know how is it possible to be so humble even after reaching such heights. She also said it was one of her proudest moments.

Katrina Kaif said it was great honour to share the dais with a person like Rajinikanth. She said that she has heard a lot about the greatness of the super star from her mom who has worked out of Madurai.
In his acceptance speech Rajinikanth said he considers ‘Enthiran’ to be his best film so far. To a question from Prannoy Roy as to how does he manage to keep his foot firmly rooted to the ground even after achieving the world. The ever humble super star said that he is a tool in the hands of the God and whatever he does is directed by the God. 

In short the event belonged to our superstar and everyone there accepted that there may be no star bigger than Rajinikanth in future.


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