Kamal Haasan's in Manirathnam's Ponniyin Selvan


Kamal Haasan is also participating in the story discussion of the historical film Ponniyin Selvan directed by Manirathnam. Manirathnam has always the habit of keeping intellectual people to work with him or participate in the story discussions.

Manirathnam has also the habit of sharing his ideas with his intellectual friends and also ask them their opinions. Now he is busy in the story discussion of Ponniyin Selvan.

Writer Jayamohan is already penning the screenplay. He is also participating in the story discussion. Now Kamal Haasan is also now participating in this story discussion. Now Manirathnam is going to bring hundreds of horses from France.

Kamal Haasan had also imported horses from France for his film Maruthanayagam. Because of this, Mani has asked Kamal’s advice in this matter because of his experience. Hope Mani does not make this film like Raavanan.


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