Kamal's film titled as Viswaroobham!

Kamal’s viswaroppbam

Is Kamal Haasan's next film directed by Selvaraghavan is titled as Viswaroobham?
Yes! The Kollywood circuits are at a buzz that this title has been finalized for Kamal's next which is a psychological thriller. Kamal and director Selvaraghavan has completed the script work for the film.
Though Selva confesses that the film is not the replica of Hollywood film Hannibal, but speculation is that it's a pure Indian version of Hannibal. Viswaroobham will move on to the floors in the mid of April in Hyderabad and later it will continue in Chennai. After the Chennai schedule the unit will be moving to London and the idea of the unit is to finish the film in less than 90 days as the film heroine can't adjust her dates.
In an interview to a newspaper Sonakshi Sinha said "When director Selva narrated the plot to me I was very excited as the script reminded me by Bollywood debut. The whole package was very interesting and happy to be a part of the film".
Sonakshi will take her flight to Chennai during the first week of April. She is going to meet Kamal and will hold some final discussions with the director regarding her role, her outfits and rest of the things.
Viswaroobham is being made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.


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