Rajini changes his schedule for Deepika

Rajini kanth,deepika padukone

Generally, it's going to be a very unusual situation that Super Rajinikanth changes in his schedule, which was already set well before.

Latest we hear that Rajini has changed his schedule of going to Himalayas for the shooting of Raana as the films heroine Deepika Padukone can't adjust her dates as she is busy with her other projects. It's known to everyone that our Super star pays his visit to Himalayas once he completes every film. But this time he postponed for the sake of Bollywood dimple beauty Deepika Padukone. The actress is very busy and will not be able to shoot for Raana in one continuous schedule and so the schedule of Raana is modified according to the dates of Deepika. Rajini the most humble and down to earth person has welcomed the changes and will be shooting with Deepika very soon.
Wow, Super star again proved that he is the real Super star not only on big screen but off screen too with his humbleness.


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