Sneha's awe-inspiring tears


Charming Actress Sneha, who is well know for her glittering smile, has tears busted from her eyes…
Do you think what might me the reason? Then, we tell you exactly what happened…

Recently actress Sneha attend a cultural fest in Panimalar Engineering College, where she was astonished with the kind of love and affection that students showered on her. Students of the college made a video presentation of her life. Looking at the presentation suddenly beauty Sneha busted into tears.
Later Sneha addressed student saying that, she was snowed under love and affection. She admitted that, this college was very special to her as she got lot of joy and response which she never had it before in any college. Finally she ended up wising all the students a very best for their future endeavors.
Yeah Sneha!!! Might have understood what the real fanaticism is?
We hope Sneha picked the real pulse of youth?


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