Sonia Agarwal in affair with Sudeep?

Actress Sonia Agarwal, the estranged wife of director Selvaraghavan, had earlier hinted that her first priority was to re-establish her market as an actress and had added that “other things like marriage can wait”.

Sonia is presently working hard in a ‘significant’ role opposite Prakash Raj in the upcoming Simbu-Bharath-Anoushka starrer ‘Vaanam’. Though not playing the lead role, Sonia’s role is said to be a ‘powerful’ one in the film, a remake of the Telugu superhit ‘Vedam’. Even as she continues to strive in regaining her lost glory, here comes a rumour that she could be in love.

She has been linked by the Telugu press to Sudeep, who had earlier starred opposite her in a Kannada film titled ‘Sandhu’ some time back. Sudeep also played a pivotal in Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Raktha Sarithra’ late last year.

Rumours started floating about the ‘affair’ after the duo was spotted getting cozy at the recent ‘star cricket’ match organized by an organization between leading heroes of the country from all the languages. Reports said that not only Sudeep and Sonia were spotted together at the late-night party but they also looked like they had been ‘smitten’ by the love-bug.


Recently Sonia Aggarwal came out with her opinion that she is going to get married in the next two years as she is right now concentrating on her career. The latest buzz in the tinsel town is that Sonia is having an affair with Kannada star Sudeep.

However like any other star Sonia denied the rumors and revealed that he is just her friend. She also added “We are always good friends and I have been in contact with him on phone. Very rarely we meet at shooting spots, functions and parties. There is nothing more than this. We have recently met during the Celebrity League match too. Just if two people talk it doesn’t mean that they are into any relation. I don’t find anything wrong!


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