Sonia Agarwal said no for Malayalam movie ‘Doubles’
Sonia Agarwal, who had been mesmerising Kollywood with her meaty roles in Tamil films, made it clear that she is not appearing in the Malayalam movie ‘Doubles’ as reported earlier in many media.
Citing the non appearance due to personal reasons, Sonia said that she is looking for more meaty roles in the language than in a song. ‘Doubles’ featuring Mammootty and Nadhiya Moidhu is currently in its final stages of production.
The actress admitted that she had been approached by the director of the movie Sohan Seenulal. She also added that she refused it politely and is in the lookout for full length roles. The only films that the actress has in hand in Tamil is ‘Vaanam’ a film by Krish, in which she will appear as the wife of Prakash Raj. She will also appear in a Telugu film as the heroine to Upendra.

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