5 similarities between KO and State of Play


Hats off! To the entire team of KO for bringing such fantastic film on screen. Director KV Anand has presented the film in a brilliant manner and the technical aspects must be appreciated. There is a buzz is in the industry that KO is inspired from Hollywood film State of Play. After catching the movie on big screens one could surely find few similarities between both the films. We bring you some scenes which have close replica of the Hollywood film State of Play.

1. The close friendship between the investigative journalist Russell Crowe and Politician Ben Affleck.

2. Politician's secretary Sonia's death gets confirmed after visualizing a video clip.

3. Some old things disclose the close friendship between the killer and the politician. (In KO it's the friendship between Jeeva and Ajmal which gets discovered by Karthika)

4. The killer gets pointed once more by the video clippings. (Here the scratch mark on the forehead reveals).

5. Bingham death is changed as suicide at the last moment.


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