Deiva Thirumagan title controversy

Deiva Thirumagan_COntroversy

Vikram's forthcoming film Deiva Thirumagan has caught in a controversy yet again. The film faced lot of problems until now regarding the title and yet again faces the same problem.
The filmmakers decide on the title Deivamagan, but Sivaji Films who hold the rights of the film has asked the producer to immediately go for a title change as Prabhu's son Vikram is making his debut with the same title. Later to this the director and his team came with a title Deiva Thirumagan which is catchier than the earlier one. Now latest controversy on the title is raised by the leaders of the Thevar community who demanded that title should not be given to a film.
The reason behind this is that the Thevar community leader Pasumpon Muthuramalinga was known as Deiva Thirumagan. The Shiva Sena of Tamil Nadu unit and the leader Dhiraviya Pandian had a meeting with Chief Minister Karunanidhi on asking him to convince the filmmakers of Deiva Thirumagan to for a title change.


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