Ko creates waves in Simbu's fans page


Ko creates waves in Simbu’s fans page
Jiiva’s Ko, which has opened to great appreciation worldwide, has created some waves in Simbu’s Facebook fans page. Not many know that Simbu was Anand’s first choice for Ko. Some felt that the film had a political dimension to it which would not suit their hero while others felt that Simbu has missed a golden opportunity to work with K.V. Anand. Interesting, the page received more than 100 messages within a few hours after the release of Ko. But this has not gone well with Simbu; he immediately reacted, ‘Doing a movie and not doing it is an actor’s personal choice. I welcome your comments and at the same time I don’t want anyone to talk bad about other films in my page… I am from the same industry and i respect cinema and want all movies to do well for our industry.’
Simbu also revealed that his much-awaited film Vaanam will grace theatres on April 29, 2010 and he assured his fans this film ‘will not let them down’.

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