Legal action against Urumi online pirates!

Legal action against Urumi online pirates! Young South Indian superstar Prithviraj has filed a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police in Kerala to crack down on the culprits who have made his latest Rs. 20 crores multilingual Urumi available online. Police could track the owner of the US based website, who is believed to be a California resident John Kodiyan. It is learned that Prithviraj's mother Mallika Sukumaran has filed the complaint on behalf of August Cinemas, a joint venture by her son Prithviraj and ace cinematographer and the film's director Santhosh Sivan. Mallika Sukumaran serves as the CEO of the production house. According to sources, she is planning to sue the website owner, demanding a whopping Rs. 5 crores as compensation. It is also heard that John Kodiayn telephoned Mallika Sukumaran and requested her not to file a case against him. Meanwhile, Mallika Sukumaran said that she will not withdraw her complaint unless the website owner informs her who had supplied him the movies to be uploaded online. Legal actions will also be taken against the distributors involved.

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