Prithviraj to hold two marriage receptions

 Prithviraj to hold two receptions

Mallika Sukumaran, mother of young superstar Prithviraj, who married a TV journalist Supriya Menon at a private function on April 25, said that the newly married couple would hold two receptions to treat both his relatives and film fraternity. The first reception party will be held for family this Saturday and the second will be held for the film fraternity on Sunday.
Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that the actor had invited 50 selected people for his wedding ceremony held in Thenkurissi Heritage Villa, Palakkad, but Mallika said that only 30 people took part in the ceremony.
"Just 30 people took part in the marriage ceremony. We decided to have a purely personal affair because in our family there are very aged people and they wanted it to be a solemn function. Hence we decided to make it a very private affair," she added. Denying it to be a secret affair, she said: "They have been childhood friends and we have known each other for a very long time, so there was nothing secretive in this."


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