Will Rajini issue call for a Repoll?


Though the repolling is taking place in eight places today there is no confirmation from the Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Kumar whether repolling is going to take place at the Stella Maris polling booth where Superstar cast his vote.

Just on the polling day it was reportedly telecasted on a TV channel that Superstar exercising his vote to the political party of his favor but however the videos were not clear for whom Rajini voted. This telecast according to the legal experts is violation of the secrecy of voting. The CEO said that he had collected the visuals which were sent to the Chief Election Commission of India. s
Tamil Nadu Chief Election Commissioner Praveen Kumar Chawla said "We have gone through the visuals when Rajini exercised his vote at Stella Maris College, but however the image is not clear to which party he voted. The entire data collected was sent to to the ECI for scrutiny".


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