Aishwarya To Launch Signature Label?

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We've heard of actress turned producers, entrepreneurs, social activists or even directors. But Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has always set herself apart from the other damsels of Indian film industry. Sources say that the actress wants to launch her own signature label of attire!

A few years back, there were talks allover that Ash will be associated as the official brand ambassador of an international fashion line. It is known that many European labels were keen in typing up with her and that she has, so far, been approached by fifteen top international designers from Italy, London and New York! However, the actress declined it all…

This former Miss World's gowns and ethnic sarees at international events with minimalist accessories have always been awed by many and has been quite a trendsetter for many actresses! In fact, for the film 'Endiran' i.e., 'Robot,' she designed many of her own clothes that surprised not only director Shankar and fellow actor Superstar Rajinikanth but also ace fashion designer Manish Malhotra!

Sources close to the actress reveal that Ash has always wanted to start her own global fashion line of attire but has never been able to, due to lack of time or other happenings. Whether Ash will start her line of fashion line exclusively, or tie-up with an international lead brand, we'll have to wait to know…

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