Catch Velayudham Track list now! Audio Release on May 24

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Vijay’s Velayudham

TheCinemanews brings you the much awaited update of the audio of Vijay's Velayudham.

The much awaited audio of Vijay’s Velayudham ultimately bought infront of Music lovers. For quite sometime now we hearing different dates of the audio release and latest date confirmed is May 23. We know how Vijay’s fans are waiting to listen to the songs of Velayudham. So to bring down your eagerness and anxiety, brings you the track list of Velayudham.

Each and every audio of Vijay turns to be a much awaited audio as his albums scatter to all sections of music lovers. Vijay Anthony has given seven songs which includes a theme song. All the songs in the album are peppy and dancing numbers. Out of the seven songs Sonna Puriadhu Sollukkul Adangadhu is the intro song of Vijay which was shot with a budget of Rs 2 crore.

TheCinemanews exclusively brings the track list of Velayudham for Vijay’s fans and viewers. Here we go with it…….

1) Sonna Puriadhu Sollukkul Adangadhu

2) Mayaki Putten

3) Rathathin Rathame

4) Manja Nathi Maratha Katta

5) Melody with Hansika

6) Vela Vela Velayudham

7) Theme Song


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