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Director Venkat Prabhu deserves a pat first for the ensemble he has gathered for his forthcoming film 'Mankatha' which sees Ajith as the protagonist. The film also sees Arjun, Trisha as Ajith's heroine, Lakshmi Rai, Andrea and Anjali in supporting roles. We are well aware that this film marks the 50th film of 'Thala's stint in the silver screen. Venkat Prabhu recently revealed in an interview more interesting facts pertaining to 'Mankatha.'

Before zeroing in on 'Mankatha' it looks like 'thala' went through three different stories which Venkat Prabhu had readied for the actor. We had earlier revealed to you that Ajith's character, Vinayak Mahadevan, though the lead in the film, is portrayed as a character with grey shades. Ajith seems to have liked this character and gave his nod to Venkat, who was initially hesitant to make 'Mankatha' because of the negative shades of the protagonist.

TheCinemanews released the first song byte of 'Mankatha' for Thala's birthday and from the response we are getting for the song teaser it looks like Ajith was right in choosing this script! The hero has trimmed down for the film and his salt and peppery do, looks rocking! For all those ladies who were drooling over George Clooney, they will meet his desi version through this film! Kudos to Vasuki Basker, Venkat's cousin, who is the stylist and costume designer for this film.

While the team was shooting in Dharavi it looks like Ajith sprained his leg and had to shoot with his cast on. Some people who witnessed the scene being shot mistook Ajith in the cast for a dual role and started spreading rumors that Ajith would appear in a double role in the film, revealed the director jokingly!

Venkat Prabhu also revealed that they had to shoot a long stunt sequence which would appear in the climax of the film. Arjun will be seen as a CBI officer, Prithvi who is on the look out for Vinayak. The film has as its background on the IPL matches with the camera zooming into gambling. The team feels that if all goes well 'Mankatha' might hit theatres in June!

We will get back to you shortly, with other interesting updates on 'Mankatha' and more!

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