7am Arivu - Interesting facts & Highlights

Suriya- Shruthi Haasan starring, AR Murgadoss directed Tamil sci-fi thriller 7am Arivu, is a much expected movie in Tamilnadu. This film will be an important one in Tamil cinema. Director AR Murugadoss proudly describes the contents and the special features of his movie.
Director AR Murugadoss is proud of his forthcoming film ’7am Arivu’, which he says is a mix of history, research and medicine. “I feel proud to make such a film. And am sure the audience too would feel so after watching it,” says the ‘Dheena’ and ‘Ghajini’ director.

The movie is about a time machine which is brought to India by a scientist. ’7am Arivu’ is a sci-fi thriller in which Suriya plays a triple role, a circus artist, a Buddhist monk and a scientist.
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“Tamilians were smarter those days and they were capable of doing things which were dismissed as impossible by others. For example, Bodhi Dharma is a martial arts exponent from Kanchipuram. People are still worshipping Bodhidharma in China. In order to give life to the role, Suriya underwent strenuous workouts to get his six packs. ,” Murugadoss says.
Confirming that the film would feature Suriya in multiple roles, the director says the actor’s dedication and hard work in ’7aum Arivu’ would fetch him rich praises. “He is a director’s actor. He would always exceed our expectations. Suriya is superb,” Murugadoss says.

7am Arivu audio album consists of six songs including a Chinese track. The songs were composed by Harris Jayaraj. The Chinese song is the special attraction of the movie, which was sung by Mandarin singer Hau Wang.
Director A.R Murugadoss said, “After directing Hindi Ghajini, I got lots of offers in Hindi. But I came to Tamil because of the affection I am having for it. In 7am Arivu there are lot of things beyond cinema. The opening 15 minutes will be astounding. One Crore has been sent for one minute. 15 Crores were spent for 15 minutes sequences. This was possible because of the producer Udhayanidhi Stalin. Surya has strained himself very much in getting his six packs and in the climax sequences”.

As a whole, 7am Arivu will be a pride to the Tamilians living throughout the world.


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