7am Arivu: Suriya's monk intro 'Rise Of Dhamo' for 10 crore

Here we reveal the name of the Buddhisht monk character Suriya is doing in '7aum Arivu'. The actor plays Dhamo. The song 'Rise Of Dhamo...' features Suriya as a Chinese monk. The song features a young child praising their saviour, Dhamo, that is to say the monk character played by Suriya. It is one of the USPs of the film.

"The first 15 minutes of the film will be a visual treat for the audience," they say and add: "Nearly Rs 10 crore has been spent for the introduction scene of Suriya. Producer Udhayanidhi Stalin was liberal to get quality end-product."

Directed by A R Murugadoss, '7aum Arivu' has Shruthi Haasan as heroine. "The Chinese song composed by Harris Jayaraj will be performed live at the audio launch of the film, which is scheduled in Chennai on September 22," add sources.

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Here is some interesting update of Suriya’s much awaited film 7am Arivu. It is well known that Suriya is reportedly playing three characters; a circus artist, a scientist and a Buddhist monk, set in China in the 14th century.

Now have something more to reveal about Suriya’s Buddhist monk role in the film.  The actor plays Bodhi Dharma, a great saint who lived in Kanchipuram in Fifth Century AD and is still worshiped in China as he has taught all good things to people. He will also be having a temple in China built by a Tamilian.   The film has completed the special effects work at Stan Winston Studios in US. The introduction scene of Suriya will be one of the major highlight of the film where the producer has liberally spent nearly Rs 10 crore for the first ten minutes of run.

7 am Arivu is made with a whopping budget of Rs. 84 crores and surprisingly this is the highest budget film in Suriya's career till date.
The audio launch of the film is set to take place on September 22nd in Chennai while the film is slated for Diwali release.


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