Ajith to leave for Himalayas on Rajini's advice

The spiritualist in Ajith is in full form of late. The Thala has been regularly visiting places of worship and is even planning to leave for Himalayas. "Rajini sir had told me a lot about the holy mountain. I am eagerly waiting for an opportunity to go there," he says.

"Recently, I visited Guruvayur and Chottanikarai temples in Kerala, Chamundeeswari and Moogambikai shrines in Karnataka and Nagoor and Velankanni in Tamil Nadu. I also took a padha yatra to Tirupati from Thiruvanmiyur four times," discloses Ajith.

"It takes five days for me to reach Tirumala from Chennai. We a gang of friends have made it a regular habit to go on a padha yatra to worship Lord Balaji. Now, after reading the books gifted by the Superstar, I am seriously planning to go to Himalayas."

Saying that it wish is that everyone should remember him as a gentleman, Ajith says, "There is no point in earning bad name. The success of one's life is in the goodwill he/she creates. It will speak a lot on our behalf."


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