Dhamo in 7am Arivu inspired by a real character

7am Arivu is pure fiction, in fact by the looks of it; it looks like science fiction or a medical thriller. It is an amalgamation of history, science, fact and fiction. Though 7am Arivu is a fiction entirely, the character Dhamo is inspired by a real factual character who lived in 5th century.

The character Dhamo knows Kalari Payat and Bodhi Dharma. Both these forms of art belong to the Martial Arts. These are the arts that gave rise to the Martial Arts of China. The film quite patriotically illustrates the same.

The film partly explains how Martial Arts of China finds its origins from India. The character Dhamo practiced Buddhism and had written a lot about Buddhism and the Martial Arts. He was born in Kanjeepuram and later made his expeditions to China.

He is one of the first Indian Buddhist Monks known as Bodhidharma or Da Mo from which the character Dhamo is modeled. Looks like 7am Arivu has a lot to reveal and that, it will unearth several of the treasures and mysteries of India and its profound history. So, 7am Arivu might really be ‘the’ film. It’s coming sooner than expected.


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