I am a great fan of Rajni - Salman

Salman Khan said that he is a great fan of Rajnikanth and he is going to don his role. He said that he is not acting in his role because his fans will not like that. Salman’s close relative and producer Atul Kulkarni has mentioned recently that he is going to make a film based on the life of Rajnikanth and that Salman Khan will don Rajni’s role.

Atul has announced this in a press meet. But Rajni’s fans and other actors have objected to this. They had mentioned that Rajni is an era and nobody will accept if anyone dons his role. On the other side Rajni’s family members said that they will not permit this. Rajni’s younger daughter has mentioned that, "We are not willing to make a film on my father and moreover nobody has approached us regarding this."
Salman who is back in London after a neuro surgery while speaking to the media said, " I am not acting in the bio-pic of Rajnikanth. I am doubtful whether his fans will accept this. I don’t want to earn the animosity of them. Apart from this I am an ardent fan of Rajni. I don’t want to become Rajni. In Indian cinema, there is only one Rajnikanth and one Salman Khan."


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