I am not in love with Mahat - says Taapsee

There were strong rumors that Mahath and Tapasee are in deep love. Mahath is the actor who had donned the role of bar owner in the film Mankatha.

Tapasee made her debut as heroine in the film Aadukalam. She has also paired with Jeeva in the recently released Vandhaan Vendraan.

Whenever Tapasee comes to Chennai, Mahath picks her from the airport. Both of them are frequently seen together in the parties and functions.
Mahath also goes to the shooting spots of Tapasee and waits till the shooting is over and picks her up. There is also news that Tapasee that she is seeking offers for Mahath.

When asked Tapasee about this, she said, " I have acted in numerous Telugu films. I am also acting in Tamil films. So far no producer or director has ever complained about me. Mahath is my good friend.

It is true that he picks and drops me at the shooting spots. This is a mere mutual help which is being done by colleagues or friends. Mahath has lot of cinema connections.

He knows Simbhu right from his child hood days. He is also a close friend of Dayanidhi Azhagiri. Hence there is no necessity for me to recommend for his acting chances to any producer or director."


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