I will not let SPB Charan get away - Sona

Cine star Sona Heiden has accused S.P.B Charan of gross ‘misbehavior, physical abuse and molestation’.

After filing a police complaint, she broke down and said she wanted a public apology from the singer-actor-producer. She is currently in hospital after a minor stroke.

They were part of a group of friends, began Sona. “This is not the first time SPB Charan has misbehaved and verbally assaulted me. Since we are all friends, earlier I took it in my stride and did not make an issue,” the visibly shattered glam babe told DC exclusively.

She continued, “But it reached an atrocious level on Wednesday night at a private party thrown by Vaibhav to celebrate Mankatha’s success at his T.Nagar residence. The usual gang of my friends including Venkat Prabhu, Premji, Arvindh, Sakthi Saravanan, were there. After the party warmed up, Charan came to me in an inebriated condition and behaved very badly! It was Venkat Prabhu who came to my rescue and pulled Charan away from the scene.”

She also said, “Venkat even sent me a text later comforting me. But I didn’t want to let it go. I am a woman and have come up the hard way and I won’t let some powerful guy get away with this.”

Vaibhav at whose house this is party happened, remained unreachable. Actor Mahat Raghavendra however confirmed, “Venkat Prabhu, myself and Ashwin went for a college function and I dropped them both off at a friend, Basha’s house. Later, Venkat did say he was attending a party. But all this I wasn’t even told when I spoke to Vaibhav the next day.”

Sona who was at a party the night after her complaint was lodged, speaking emotionally, said, “I do dance on screen wearing skimpy clothes. But that is my profession. It doesn’t mean my character is bad. Audiences may think anything, but I can’t go around explaining to everyone. It is really unfortunate that someone like Charan, born in a respected film family, can indulge in such behavior. It’s unpardonable. I will not let him get away with it.”

Later, it was said that Charan was forced to leave the place. Sona also profusely apologised to S.P. Balasubramaniam on her Facebook account but said she needed to prove a point with regards to his son, Charan.

She says, “SPB sir is a gem of a person. I look up to him. I will personally call on him. This is no grudge, but a deep hurt that I can be treated like this.”

The actress on Thursday night headed to Ramya Krishnan’s beach house party to avoid the possibility of encountering common friends mediating for Charan.

“I felt all the guys — Venkat Prabhu, Premji, Vaibhav must have tried to reach me, to mediate. But I was determined not to pick up any call for fear of emotionally giving up. I stand by my words and Charan needs to submit an apology in front of the media.”

She adds, “Vaibhav has already had police visiting him and although he denied, he later admitted it. I wish he would cooperate fully. My friends shouldn’t repeatedly change their statements.”

Though Charan denied the entire episode on Thursday night, he later sent DC a text message saying, “Wait for my press meet and no comments.”

Sources confirm that he is being represented by Kavitha, Nalini Chidambaram’s assistant. Venkat Prabhu was unavailable for comment despite several attempts. Vaibhav chose to not return calls and handed over his phone to an aide and later turned off his mobile phone.

A family member of SP Balasubramaniam speaking to DC, said, “SPB cancelled his recording in Hyderabad and flew back to Chennai. He broke down and urged Charan to go for a public apology. He even gathered Charan’s close friends and suggested they go for some sort of settlement.”

Commenting on justice delivery in such cases, commissioner of police, J.K. Tripathy, said, “Every case is important to us. It doesn’t matter what the profile of the people is. We are trained to get to the bottom and decipher the truth from the many versions. We can also seek help from other agencies and our trained experts will investigate fully.”


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