Mamta Mohandas thankful for her cancer
Mamta Mohandas who was suffering from breast cancer has now fully recouped and is back in action.

When asked her about her health condition, she said, “I am all right now. Now I am acting Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films.

For the last six months, I was taking treatment for cancer. I feel free now since the cancer is fully cured.
In Tamil after Sivappathigaram and Guru En Aalu, I am acting in the film Thadaiyara Thaaka. Many are asking me that how I have taken cancer so easily. Cancer is a disease like heart attack, blood pressure and diabetics.

There is a kind of fear and disbelief among people that this disease is like a ghost or some spirit. I was under the impression that I will not get any disease since I am eating hygienic food. I use to cough continuously.

I was also losing my weight. So casually when I went for a scan, it was detected that I am having breast cancer. I was shocked that how I got this disease. I leant a lesson from this. Before nature everyone is equal. In that way I am thankful to cancer. The treatment is very painful.”


  1. In 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My family was shocked, but with the help of my good breast specialist doctor in Singapore, I was able to survive this disease.


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