Trisha - Lakshmi Rai controversy over ‘Mankatha’ roles 
Actress Lakshmi Rai has got something that she might have not expected for. The actress has been doing merely minor roles in the film and got a bumper offer through the film ‘Mankatha’ that is rocking in box office now.

The actress has done a negative role in this film and is receiving good credits for her performance. But now Lakshmi Rai picks up an unwanted dispute with Trisha saying that Venkat Prabhu had offered her to choose between two roles and she chose the negative one as it couple of songs and more meaty scope during climax as well.

Trisha soon comes into the picture adding that Venkat Prabhu told that he had written the character with her in mind and there is no point to argue about it. ‘My character had more to do with the emotional quotient and it is very well received by the audiences for they have been appreciating me. Naturally the actress starring opposite Ajith Kumar will be the highlight when it comes to publicity.’

Venkat Prabhu is little disappointed with Lakshmi Rai as he utters that the film is a good hit now and he is wondering why Lakshmi Rai is putting down other artists..

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Venkat Prabhu's latest film is a hit and the entire team, including Trisha and Lakshmi Rai, is basking in its success. However, Lakshmi Rai, who has been noticed in her vampish role, now claims that she was the first actress to be signed on by Venkat Prabhu and that she was offered the choice of roles between Ajith's love interest and Sona.

"Yes, I was given a choice. Venkat and I were having a casual chat and I asked him to explain both the characters to me. I liked the role of Sona better. She has a lot to do and is part of the climax as well. I got to do some meaty stuff and also be part of two songs! Moreover, I have never done a character with shade of negativity earlier in Kollywood. I'm very happy with the response I've been getting," says Lakshmi.

But the director begs to differ. Venkat clarifies, "I think Lakshmi Rai is confused. It was never the case. She was, in fact, confirmed for a role in which she's paired with Ashwin in the first script I wrote. When Ajith came into the picture, I changed the screenplay and because we had already given her an advance, we offered her Sona's role. I approached only Trisha for the role opposite Ajith."

Trisha has been widely appreciated for her small but emotional role in Mankatha. On her part, the actress says, "Venkat and I are good friends. He called me and told me that he had written this role with me in mind and asked if I could do it. And I also wanted to work with him. I told Venkat, 'anything for you.' I love Ajith and I have done two films with him. I like being part of a big project."

As for Lakshmi's claims, Trisha says, "To be very honest, it's a joke for me to comment on this. As to why she's claiming this now, that's only something she can answer. At the end of the day whether there are 3 or 4 girls in the film, whoever is paired opposite Ajith will be featured in the publicity. I just think it's very silly."

Whether it's for publicity now or for having received none during the release, the question on everyone's mind seems to be why Lakshmi Rai is making such claims post the film being declared a hit. Venkat concludes saying, "I feel sad for Lakshmi Rai. She's been part of a good film and I don't see why she wants o put down the other artists now."


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