7am Arivu (7th sense) with 400+ theaters in Andhra Pradesh

Surya - Murugadoss's 7th Sense, A Diwali Release is expected to hit more than 400 Screens in the state. This is unarguably the 2nd biggest release ever for a Dubbed film after Robo in AP. 7th Sense will release in around 55 Screens in the City of Hyderabad alone with entire Nizam area contributing a 150+ count.

In Ceeded, the Buyer has planned a 70+ Theater release for the film and Andhra area which comprises of 6 small territories will have more than 175 screens easily. Apart from Surya's Craze, Murugadoss being a known personality having directed a film with Chiranjeevi is helping the film's cause in having a big release.

It won't be a surprise if the film couldn't grab this many ( 400+ ) in its native state of Tamilnadu since theatres are limited at around 750 in that state, where as AP has 1400 in decent running condition.


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