Radha's younger daughter Tulasi later

For the beauty queen of the Bharatiraja finding during the 80s Radha, domestic settlement in Mumbai made all the difference. She runs a restaurant there and she is busy moulding her daughters for the cinema.

In the maiden move she won the battle by offering a very good launch pad for her elder daughter Karthika.

The teen made the debut through KV Anand in Ko and now there are talks in Kollywood that Radha is intended to send in her younger daughter too. But the old actress claimed that she would have such attempts only after making a strong base to Karthika. She said she has been busy now a days monitoring the restaurant and offering suggestions to Karthika.

Hence, she said, it will take some more time to come out with good news for the film industry. We know, Radha has open heart and she never disappointed the audience, whether as an actress or as a mother of teenage actresses.


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