Nayanthara to turn 'Sita' again for Ram Gopal Verma!

Nayantara to play Sita again!
Unconfirmed reports emanating from the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh say that actress Nayantara has once again been offered the role of Sita in an upcoming period-type Telugu film which would be starring Nagarjuna in the lead and would be directed by popular Telugu and Hindi film director Ram Gopal Verma (RGV).

Nayan’s latest Telugu film was Sri Rama Rajyam which is running successfully in many halls in Andhra Pradesh and elsewhere.  The actress underwent severe self-penance and played the role of Sita, wife of Lord Ram, in the film.  Balakrishna played Ram’s role in the film which also had a major role for veteran actor Nageswara Rao.

Nayan is said to be preparing herself ‘mentally’ to enter into matrimonial bliss with Prabhudeva early next year.  As such, it was widely publicized and perceived by her fans   that Sri Rama Rajyam would be Nayantara’s swansong in the film industry.  However, latest reports say that she might accede to RGV’s request to play Sita in his upcoming film.

RGV’s film is basically a chronicle on Raavan’s life wherein Nagarjuna would be playing the demon king Raavan.  After watching Sri Rama Rajyam, Verma felt that it would be apt if Nayan agreed to play the role of Sita in his film too.  Knowing Nayan’s proximity to RGV, she might agree to his offer, it is said.


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