Rajini fans protesting against EVKS Elangovan

While Superstar Rajinikanth was openly showing his support to Anna Hazare for the cause of India Against Corruption. It seems even friendly political parties of Rajinikanth turned against him.

EVKS Elangovan the member of Indian National Congress recently made a ill statement to the press, when the media persons asked about Rajinikanth's support towards Anna Hazare. When fans of the superstar heard this, they went into rage.

Rajini fans said 'our thalaivar supports every good cause that's why he gave his Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam for free of cost, whether it is Anna Hazare or not but we didn't expect such a cheap reply from a fellow friend of our thalaivar'. So they started protesting against EVKS and started to burn his posters.

Also a chief fan added 'In Indian cinema industry, we are proud to say that our thalaivar(Rajini) is the one who pays his income taxes properly and he tops the chart'.


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