‘Kumizhi’ on our national sport hockey

India’s national sport, hockey, forms the basis of the film titled ‘Kumizhi’. Sai and Ravi produce it on behalf of Siva Vishnu Films.
New faces Venkatesh and Uma play the lead characters. While Raththika directs it, Kannan is the composer and Shanker is the choreographer.

In Thanjavur district, different games are popular in different towns/villages. In Pattukottai and Peraoorani, hockey is a predominant game. In these two places people of a particular street and particular caste/community dominate this sport. Because of this, fights and clashes are a common occurrence. All the hockey players are ‘dadas’ and why it is so is what the film narrates. Hockey players featured in it were given practical training. The games were shot all at the same time using 13 cameras.

The film, shot in Thanjavur district, has an eclectic mix of romance, sentiment, and commercial ingredients.


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