'Sun Life' and 'Sun TVRI' from Sun Network

The media leader Sun Network has established a strangle-hold on the entire Southern part of the country by having various entertainment and news channels in all the four South Indian languages viz., Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.
The Sun Network empire, owned by media baron Kalanithi Maran, has gone from strength to strength ever since it first appeared on the television horizon in the mid-nineties.

Starting this New Year, Sun Network has launched three more channels by name 'Sun Life' and 'Sun TVRI' in Tamil and 'Gemini Life' in Telugu. The channels have already gone on air. For those who wonder what could 'RI' mean, it means 'Rest of India'. The 'Sun Life' and 'Gemini Life' channels would be concentrating mainly on lifestyle events, religion, health care and education related issues.

However, all the programmes which are relayed through Sun TV would also be available on 'Sun TVRI' which would be available to viewers in the country and elsewhere other than those living in Tamil Nadu. The channel would have separate programmes and events for the various States it gets beamed in order to attract the locals. With this, Sun Network now has channels on all topics inclusive of entertainment, films, music, news, children, comedy, action and lifestyle.

Sun Network present has 32 channels in operation in various languages including 12 in Tamil (Sun TV, Sun TV-HD, K TV, K TV-HD, Sun Music, Sun Music-HD, Sun News, Chutti TV, Aadithya TV, Sun Action, Sun Life and Sun TVRI), 9 channels in Telugu (Gemini TV, Gemini TV-HD, Gemini Movies, Gemini News, Gemini Music, Gemini Comedy, Kushi TV, Gemini Action and Gemini Life), 7 channels in Kannada (Udhaya TV, Udhaya Comedy, Udhaya Music, Udhaya Movies, Udhaya News, Sindhu TV) and 4 channels in Malayalam (Suriya TV, Kiran TV, Suriya Action & Kochu TV).
Any doubt about who's the media leader in the country?


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