Bimbam - The Power of youth

A forthcoming movie, Bimbam will be previewed at AVM theatre soon. Bimbam, meaning reflection, is based on a short story written by the popular blogger, Ganga Bharani.

The entire crew is fresh to the film industry. These individuals, as younger than 26, overcame many difficulties to produce their 30 minute movie.

Moses, the director of the production says, "We are a group of developing talent who focus on changing the industry. Our crew consists of fresh graduates, some of them still studying."

The teaser trailer of the movie, which was released on youtube, was viewed over 1300 times in the first five days.

The crew overcame problems such as, shooting in the rain, the flashlights clashing with the artificial rain that accidentally delivered an electric shock to the director. Moses says, "It was a frightful moment but as a team we worked towards the goal and created our 30 minute movie and I hope the audience will like it."

Being new to the industry the cast had to put in some extra work but actor Deepak Paramesh, who plays the main protagonist, says, "The character I played was a troubled bachelor. I didn't have to train for it, I was just being myself." The movie is a thriller, unlike an usual love and action Tamil movie.

Ganga Bharani reveals what we can expect from the movie, "The story revolves around the lives of Raj, the protagonist, who receives a weird video mail from an unknown girl named Priya.

He then realises that the video was delivered three days after she committed suicide. The rest of the story is about how Raj unfolds the mystery."


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