GV Prakash busy with Director Bala

GV Prakash, one of the most popular young music directors in Kollywood is making waves. He is very busy composing music for half a dozen films. Due to his tight schedule and the directors that he is working with, he has to use the latest technology to keep abreast in the music field.

Recently he composed a tune for his AL Vijay film Thandavam with director sitting in Los Angeles where he had gone location hunting. The smart young composer connected with Vijay through Skype, and gave him the tune."

GV as he is popularly known said: "There was no way I could connect with Vijay other than through Skype. It was 2am in LA, and I woke him up and made him listen to my tunes. After listening he cleared the tune. Today technology has made a big difference in the way music is composed."

GV who is promoting the music of his MUK aggressively left on Valentine day to an undisclosed getaway, to compose music for director Bala's new film.

As GV Prakash said : " Sitting with the director and composing tunes is still the best way. I love it but at times you have to use technology to save time."


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