‘Mithivedi’ by Sri Lankan Tamils!

The Sri Lankan Tamils have made an emotional film 'Mithivedi' (Minefield) to tell the story of the landmines that were planted during the height of the ethnic conflict.

The film visualizes how these mines still killing innocent people in the war-torn area even after the war is declared over.

This war film runs for 90 minutes and will be released on net and screened all over the world with English subtitles. This film is made in both Tamil and Sinhalese and will be released in Sinhala areas also. "We want the Sinhala people also to realize the dangers of these landmines and that is the reason we are releasing it in Sinhalese also," says Anand Maiyur Srinivas, the director. The film is produced by Mystic Films, Australia.

Indian Tamil actors Daniel Balaji and Neelima Rani have played the lead characters in the film.


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