‘Rajini my inspiration’ - says The New Alex Pandian

Director Suraj's first choice for a name for his film would be a name of one of Rajinikanth's popular films. His earlier films, Padikathavan and Maapillai were also named after Rajini's film.

His next flick with Karthi and Anushka is Alex Pandian, the name of Rajini's character in Moondrumugam.

When we asked him why he always chooses a name of one of Rajini’s films, he says, "Being an ardent Rajini fan, his film names strike me whenever I think of a title. This character, Alex Pandian, in Moondrumugam is the most popular role.

I just thought of this title, as it was my favourite Rajini character. Rajini's film names are attractive and I always think of his film names before finalising the titles of my films."

So, is Karthi is playing a cop like Rajini's character, Alex Pandian in Moondrumugam? "Karthi's role has got nothing to do with Rajini's character. His role is completely different. We have erected sets depicting a local market in the city. The shoot will commence soon," he says


  1. In our opinion, Karthi should be praising his dad (the great Mr. Siva kumar), who deserve better praise than Mr. RajiniKanth.


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