Thanks to Karthika - says Trisha

Trisha is shooting in Pollachi for the Telugu film Dammu with NTR and Karthika. She chats away with Sridevi Sreedhar in that tinkly voice of hers: "Thanks to Karthika, this place is not so boring as usual. She's a live wire. We keep chatting and catching up on girly things in between shots".

On the general conception that two actresses can't be friends, she has her own theories: " I think actresses can be good friends and I'm extremely fond of and I hang out with few but it's like a double edged sword. Only one actress can understand exactly what you go through. And that's of date issue, write up's, link up's clothes… and that's the exact same reason why one would be wary. So I follow the casual hanging out route with them. I'm too used to the friends who have been a part of my life since school days".

We move over to Karthika and she says: "Karthika and me get along so well. And her mom is so unassuming so non-star like extremely down-to-earth and fun"

Media has been playing up her link up with various eligible hunks in town and the recent being Rana, Trisha says with a winsome smile: "I take these rumours as another occupational hazard. Some of the rumours are hilarious and I laugh it off. I get along well with Rana and we are good friends. I don't want to say that marriage is a far-off thought as I have to first meet the right guy. And frankly are there no men left? Atleast, I've not met someone I like and is my type. Right now let me enjoy my singleton space (laughs)".

On the career front, Trisha is the only actor in her generation who has survived for over 10 years, still at the top and there is no dearth of offers. She is not bothered what her contemporaries might be doing or taking routes, that may be familiar or safe.

Her face lights up as she talks about future: " I believe in being true to yourself, honest and do your job. I had my share of atleast two to three films with all top heroes in Tamil and Telugu and how long can you watch me doing the same bimbo roles? Let new girls do it and right now, I am happy, satisfied and can't stop thanking almighty for all the good things in life".


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