Bala’s Eriyum Thanal changed to Paradesi?

Director Bala has his own ways of naming his films and more often than not surprises his friends, fans and critics by his choice of titles for his films. 
Some time back, a scribe met him soon after he completed the critically acclaimed Naan Kadavul, which also won him later the national award for ‘best director’.

When the scribe asked Bala as to what would be the title of his next film, Bala casually asked why it shouldn’t be Avan Ivan and later, as it turned out, it became the title of his next film which starred Vishal and Aarya in lead roles.  Even as he is busy with the making of his upcoming film Eriyum Thanal, it is said that he has decided to change the title to Paradesi (foreigner).

Based on the popular Malayalam novel Eriyum Panikkadu, Bala started shooting for Eriyum Thanal a few weeks back.  He is said to be under the impression that Paradesi might turn out to be a better title than Eriyum Thanal.  It has many meanings in Tamil and usually refers to a wanderer who doesn’t have a permanent shelter and considers all the places he visits as belonging to him.

It remains to be seen, however, as to whether Bala makes any formal announcement about the change of the title.  The film, as already reported, stars Atharva and Vedhika in lead roles with Pooja and Uma Riyaz Khan doing significant roles.


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